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Dr. Diane Howard

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Dr. Howard, who spent her first years in mainland China and Japan, has lived all over the world. Gaining broad, multicultural experience in on-site and distance communication and performance, she has studied, performed, taught, and presented throughout the United States (including NYC) and in Europe. Having graduated from a female, college-preparatory school, St. Andrew's Priory, in Hawaii, she has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Music with secondary teaching credentials at the University of Oregon. Further, she has received a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with Specializations in Gifted Education and the Performing Arts at the University of Washington. Furthermore, she has earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Performance Studies (as Communication Art) at the University of Texas. Subsequently, Professor Howard has completed requirements for a Post-Doctoral Administrative Certification in Distance Learning at the Texas A & M Center for Distance Learning Research.

Dr. Diane Howard has served on regional to international, multicultural, and educational, as well as performing arts boards of directors/advisors. (See her professional resume.) She has been active with many professional organizations. She has been intensely involved throughout her life in facilitating others to produce with her educational and artistic projects that are substantive, redemptive, and edifying. She has taught and inspired other to produce quality work that enriches minds, hearts, and souls.

Dr. Diane Howard has been a Performance Studies, Communication, and Media Studies Professor, who has been responsible for the Performance Studies Division in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She has been active in national/international publishing and presenting, especially concerning autobiographical writing and presenting and distance communication, presentation, and performance. She has been an author of communication and performance studies textbooks.

In recent years, she has presented her work at UMHB in performance of autobiography at a Performance Studies International (PSi) conference in Wales. She has outlined her research related to presenting role models through distance performance at an international PSi conference at Arizona State University. At an international ethnic studies conference in Houston, TX, Professor Howard has spoken on empowering people of color through distance, communication research. The conference has published her paper in a conference monograph. She has presented the humanizing and personalizing elements of autobiographical performance and follow-up interactions in Cyberspace in Mainz, Germany, at an international Performance Studies conference. At a national Christians in Theater Arts in San Francisco, she has conducted workshops on Writing and Performing Autobiography.

Dr. Howard has visited historical reenactment/interpretation sites and has discussed the work in these facilities with their managers. These sites have included Washington-on-the Brazos, Texas; Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia; Ellis Island and the Tenement Museum, NYC. She has attended a National Speaker Association conference in Dallas, Texas, and has worked with historical presenters associated with that organization and with other performers of history.

In Florida, Professor Howard has supervised and visited her paid interns in the Disney College Program and her graduates, who have been hired by Disney World in Orlando. From 2003 to the present, UMHB Performance Studies students and graduates have been trained and employed by Walt Disney World. Dr. Howard has presented her work related to autobiographical writing and presenting at an international Latino and Hispanic conference in Cancun, Mexico. Again, the conference has published her paper in a conference monograph. She has presented a session at the National Association of African American Studies conference in Houston, TX, entitled Involving the Audience in Autobiographical Storytelling. Her paper Using Performance Frames to Engage and Involve the Audience in Autobiographical Stories of Historic African American Role Models has been published in the conference monograph. She has met with CEOs of Colonial Williamsburg to discuss distance education and historical performance. Further, she has performed at a PSi conference at NYU in New York City. Dr. Howard has presented Facilitating Productivity in Distance Education and Videostreaming Performances at the Fall Texas Computer Educators Conference in Temple, TX.

Professor Howard has provided a session, Effective Presentations via Distance Technologies, at the NAAAS conference (National Association of African American Studies, National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies, National Association of Native American Studies, International Association of Asian Studies). At the National Conference on Parent Education, Dallas, TX, Dr. Howard presented Facilitating Interactivity and Productivity in Distance Parent Education, She and her students have presented Effective Distance Presentation of Poetry for Texas Region Six District, K-12, teachers and Distance Interview Skills for Temple Independent School District, 6-12, teachers and students. She has presented Effective Non-Verbal Communication for Classroom Teaching, TX Ed. Region VI teachers and administrators. She has presented and facilitated educational videoconferences with teachers and students throughout Texas and in New Jersey. She has participated in performed, presented and facilitated numerous educational, international Web casts.

She has spoken on Performance Studies in Secondary Education at the National Educational Theatre Association Conference and has taught in a short course at the National Communication Association Conference in Miami. She has presented Introduction to Speech Performance Through Project-Based, Autobiographical Performance, as part of a panel, Integrating Narrative Form and Storytelling into the Basic Courses. She has presented Cyberspace, the Great Equalizer, for NAAAS (National Association of African American Studies, National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies, National Association of Native American Studies, International Association of Asian Studies), in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Howard has joined the NAAAS Board of Directors and has attended the summer board meeting in Maine. At the 2005 NAAAS conference she has delivered her paper Facilitation and Enhancement in Online Community, which has been published in the conference monograph. She has planned for Carlotta Russell Maneice, who reenacts Sojourner Truth from primary sources, to perform at the NAAAS convention. Further, Professor Howard has arranged for Dr. Rod Paige, Secretary of Education in President Bush's first term cabinet, to speak at the Houston, TX, conference. After participating in the NAAAS Board of Directors summer meeting in Baton Rouge, Professor Howard has presented The Impact and Power of Autobiographical Storytelling and published Structuring Autobiographical Stories at the 2006 NAAAS Baton Rouge conference. She has also arranged for performances that have included the autobiographical story of Harriet Tubman by Dee Hughes and Puerto Rican poetry presented in Spanish by veteran Texas actor, Michael Fox. At the National Communication Association Convention in San Antonio, TX in 2006, Dr. Howard has presented Inspiring Internal Locus of Control Through Narrative Role Models, as part of the Conflict Narrative Course - A Site for Change: Connecting with Self Through the Actions of Others.

Professor Howard and Performance Studies Students, Alumni, and Colleagues have been involved in independent filmmaking at UMHB and with collaborative film projects with other independent filmmakers. The University of Mary Hardin Baylor’s Cru Film Program has integrated courses and activities in Performance Studies and Computer Graphics Design (CGD). Dr. Diane Howard has led and supervised the Performance Studies Program in the Department of Communication and Media Studies in the new College of Humanities. Ms. Donna Teel has led Computer Graphics Design (CGD) in the Department of Business Information Technology and Systems (BITS) in the College of Business. Together they have forged a Film Minor at UMHB that has integrated courses from their respective programs to train students in all aspects of film production. At UMHB they have been producing original Cru films that are positively and constructively entertaining and edifying. Texas independent film associations and events have screened Cru films. They have also been involved with the 48 Hour Film Program in Austin, Texas. They have been part of the Big Plume Productions Team that has won numerous film awards.

Dr. Howard has been a facilitator and graduate, online, curriculum developer. She has been a published author and online writer, editor, instructor, as well as a professor. She has reviewed educational technology plans, grant applications, and distance education programs. She has served as a professional consultant in on-site and distance communicating/presenting/communicating and in autobiographical writing/presenting. She has been active in the World Association of Online Education, WAOE, as a writer, mentor, and book reviewer. Dr. Howard has served in educational research, curriculum development, and program delivery.

She and her students have been involved in peer-mentoring projects with state, national, and international networks for which Professor Howard and her students have designed an innovative, interactive Web site. They have served school districts and colleges with distance education programming, especially via videoconferencing. Dr. Howard has published resources and guidance for distance communication and autobiographical writing/performing. Furthermore, she has been working on a book to effectively guide filmmakers in the process of producing films from script to screen.

Professor Howard has served regionally, nationally, and internationally in on-site and distance contexts in the following capacities: public speaker, performer, presenter, consultant, coach, and professor. Her college, competitive, public speaking and performance of literature students have been state and national winners. Her Performance Studies students have performed poetry for Texas Nafas (a television, poetry program in Austin, TX). They have served as talent for regional Texas companies.

Dr. Howard has judged academic, speech competitions. She has served on boards of directors and steering committees for regional performing arts and cultural organizations, such as the Evergreen Performers of Tacoma, WA; the CAC Chorale and Cultural Activities Center of Temple, TX; Tablerock Festivals of Salado, TX; and Texas Nafas of Austin, TX. She has been a presentation facilitator for nationally recognized poet, Robert Bly.

Dr. Howard has served at leadership levels on steering committees, boards of directors, and advisory boards for international organizations such as the following:

At the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Dr. Howard has developed a leading, communication, Performance Studies, B.A. degree program in the Department of Communication and Media Studies. The Performance Studies Major at the UMHB has provided training in performance techniques for the following: theater, television, radio, platform presentations, distance communication, and film. UMHB students have been interns for leading organizations: Walt Disney World, production and casting studios, talent agent offices, radio and television stations, newspaper operations, political offices, videoconference centers, and theater organizations. Some of the UMHB Performance Studies, Theater, and Communication students/alumni have been employed in regional television studios. Others have been employed by radio stations, video/film production studios, and cultural centers. Others have been free-lance solo or ensemble theatrical/musical/platform presenters and/or performers/directors.

Performance Studies students have researched, written, produced, and performed solo productions of great historic or contemporary role models that have been presented on platforms or on stages for businesses, civic organizations, theaters, schools, libraries, museums, and churches. Dr. Howard and her Performance Studies students and alumni have performed in schools through the Temple Cultural Activities Center's Artists-for-Hire program. They have performed and presented for Equal Opportunity Programs for military organizations.

Professor Howard, her students, and her alumni have performed for television, film, and distance performance via videostreaming or videoconferencing. Furthermore, they have performed autobiographical stories in videostreams for Apple Learning Interchange (ALI). They have performed multicultural poetry in a live Web cast and videostreaming for ALI (Apple Learning Interchange), as well as performing frequently via videoconferencing for BellNet and the TISD network in Central Texas.

UMHB Performance Studies students and alumni have been especially involved in providing on-site and distance performances related to ethnic history. Performance Studies students, Christine Pointer and Okechukwu Iwundu, have performed as Guest Artists in the Austin Singers' Concert, Soulsongs to Celebrate Black History, along with Dr. Howard, who has been a singer with the Austin choral ensemble. UMHB Performance Studies students and alumni have performed via videoconferencing equipment for distance technology fairs.

Dr. Howard has been professionally recognized as an educator, scholar, and author. The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor has selected her for the Sears Roebuck Award for Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership; has designated her as their Piper Professor Designee; and has given her a performance award for her regional to international leadership, publication, presentation work in Performance Studies. She has been included in National & International Who's Who Directories (2000 to present): American Scholars; Contemporary Authors; Professional & Business Women; Professional & Executive Women, Women of Excellence; Women American Education; Women in Education; American Women; Executives & Professionals; Executives, Professionals, Entrepreneurs; Professional Female of the Year in Communication & Media Studies and more.

Further, Professor Howard has been a performing artist and presenter. She has performed and presented as a soloist in the following for over fifty years: pageants (was Miss Eugene, OR and first runner-up to Miss OR as a college U. O. freshman), operas, oratorios, operettas, musicals, productions of autobiography, sporting events, commercials, church services, and civic programs. She has been commissioned to research, write, and produce original, historical, productions of autobiography. She has frequently performed the autobiographical story of Martha Washington, which she has researched, written, and produced. She has performed this work through the Temple Cultural Activities Center's Artists-for-Hire program and via the Apple Learning Interchange. She has performed some of this material at a PSi conference in NYC.

She has served as a church soloist. Having been a regular soloist in concerts of The Messiah, Dr. Howard has also been a frequent solo performer in civic and university musical theater, opera, and operetta productions. She has been an actor and spokesperson for the following: film, television, radio, industrials, theater, voice-overs, videoconferencing, and videostreaming. She has been represented by the Barbara Gray, T. Coet Talent, and Legacy Talent Agencies.

Having been the chairperson of the steering committee and having served on the leadership board, she has been a singer with the CAC Civic Chorale. She has sung Great Musical Masterworks, especially classical sacred and international music, with choral groups for over 50 years. She has sung with the Austin Singers and in the fine sacred music program at Austin First Baptist Church, near the Texas Capitol, under the direction of Louise Avant. Finally, she has served on the international board of directors for the NAAAS organization as the coordinator for special conference events. She now sings in the FUMC choir of Temple, TX.

Dr. Howard has been a Christian educator, whose life has been dedicated to facilitating those whom she has taught and mentored. She has been committed to developing and supporting role models, especially in marginalized populations, such as minorities, females, and the physically challenged. (See teaching philosophy.) She has taught autobiographical writing at senior citizen meetings and seminars. She has been especially involved with historical, ethnic, and minority issues in her technological, distance communication research, presenting, writing, and publishing.

With her husband, Dr. David Howard, who has been responsible for the graduate program in marriage and family counseling at UMHB, Professor Diane Howard has served as a small group communication facilitator for an EFT, Deployed/Deployable Military Couples Conference in the Washington D.C. area. Her film students have written and produced training films for those involved in graduate marriage/family training and service to military families. Dr. Diane Howard has been an Equal Opportunity Speaker for military and educational, on-site and distance audiences. She has delivered news to the blind over Austin Information Radio. She has been public speaker on issues of leadership, effective communication, and role-modeling regionally, nationally, and internationally. Fundamentally, she has been committed to serving as an educator and to facilitating the following: substantive projects, effective communication, participant-centered learning, critical thinking, teamwork, mutual respect, and productive collaboration in on-site and distance educational and communication contexts.

In her nearly 25 years of teaching at UMHB and beyond, Dr. Howard has continued to serve her students, alumni, and the general public through her teaching, writing, and presenting, especially in the following areas: Autobiographical Writing and Performing, Skillful Voice and Diction, Effective Communication Via E-Technologies, and Film Production: Script to Screen. See publications and presentations.

In Spring 2012, Dr. Diane Howard retired from full-time performance studies and film teaching at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Since then, Diane Howard has been involved as a professional actor, coach, and journalist in redemptive programming for film and television. Having worked as an actor, acting teacher, and dialogue/dialect coach for almost 40 years with all ages and at all educational levels, she has especially enjoyed in recent years working as a dialect and dialogue coach for feature redemptive movies such as “Return to the Hiding Place” and “Alone Yet Not Alone.” She has been attached to a trilogy of movies, “My Heart Dies With You” as a dialect coach and actor and the movie “Broken” as a dialect coach. She has also been attached to the following movies: “The Prodigal Film,” “The Long Run,” and “Ruth” as a dialogue/acting coach. Further, she has also been attached to the TV series, “The Messenger of Light” as voice talent and to the movie “Diamond of Hope” as a principal actor. (See more on her resumes and filmography )

Currently, she is developing, producing, and directing a cutting-edge, frontline digital channel to share with the world the role-modeling work of her church in Christian education and worship services, inner city assistance for the homeless and veterans, missions and disaster relief service, support for children and families, therapy and support for the traumatized; assistance for those with disabilities and special needs and much more. Along with her husband, Dr. David Howard, she has produced a film teaser, a promo, and First Season of episodes, for this digital film series. Shine! FUMC Temple, TX Shines Since 1895

Dr. Diane Howard has enjoyed working as a journalist, writing ongoing articles based on exclusive interviews and up-to-date information from primary sources on the best in family and redemptive movies for the following online news and entertainment magazines: Austin Movie Examiner, AXS, Movieguide ®, Sonoma Christian Home, Christian Media, Church Technology, WND, Christian Movie Buzz, The Christian View, Fruit in the Desert, Christian Cinema, The Hearties, Faithlines and more. Further, Dr. Howard has enjoyed working as a voice-over talent for movies, audiobooks, and more. She has also served as a voice-over coach. Her resumes, headshot, and demos can be viewed on IMDb and Backstage.

Most recently, Diane Howard has been serving along with her church and the Beltonian Theatre to host first-rate, first-run redemptive movies at the Beltonian with the Faith Content Network and Fathom Events, such as “Pilgrim’s Progress” and “Blind Eyes Opened”. Dr. Howard is facilitating churches across the nation to do the same. Once approved churches can show such movies in their church venues without upfront costs and licensing. Now churches can show frontline, first-run, first-rate redemptive movies with a user-friendly, cost-effective process with the best of media and pr support.

In summary, Dr. Diane Howard continues serving the frontlines of PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY. She is currently a national and international film producer, director, movie host; a dialogue/dialect/voice-over performer and coach for redemptive movies and media; and a family, redemptive movie and TV journalist, interviewer, and reviewer. A former Professor of Performance, Media, and Film Studies with a Ph.D. in Performance Studies (College of Communication, UT Austin), she has been involved in all aspects of filmmaking and media production, regionally to internationally. She has served most extensively in the film industry in the following roles: dialogue/dialect/acting coach, actor, voice-over artist, journalist, producer, director, interviewer, reviewer, host, consultant and more

In her university teaching work, she has served in the following capacities: professor, producer, director, national/international presenter, writer, and adviser.

In all her work, Diane Howard has striven to present, produce, picturize and perform “…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, excellent or praiseworthy… “ (The Bible)

Dr. Diane Howard has been married for fifty years to Dr. David Howard, who is retired as a U.S. Army Chaplain, Marriage & Family Therapist, and Christian University Professor. Along with currently serving as a counseling supervisor, chaplain mentor, and Christian small group leader, he is actively serving with Dr. Diane Howard in redemptive movie work as a press photographer, movie host, producer, and on-camera talent. Dave and Diane Howard have three sons, three daughters-in-law, and eight grandsons.