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Public Speaking

Dr. Diane Howard serves as public speaker, presenter, and audio talent in diverse formats.

Samples of Speeches, Audio Work, and Presentations in a Range of Formats:

On-Camera Interviews

Miracles from Heaven
Jennifer Garner
Higher is Waiting
Tyler Perry
12 Strong
Real Special Ops Leaders

Audio Interviews

"Same Kind of Different as Me" with actors Renee ZellwegerJon VoightGreg KinnearDjimon Hounsoudirector, writer, Michael Carneyauthor, writer Ron Hall 

"Roman Israel, Esq." with Denzel Washington and Dan Gilroy

Platform Public Speaking

Equal Opportunity Speaker

Keynote, Academic & Civic Speaker- Effective Non-Verbal Communication; Engaging Communication Via E-Technologies; Leadership, Relational Skills, Communication, Autobiographical Writing, Resiliency-Military Spouses...- Business & Organizations, Professional Women's Conferences, Churches, Educational Programs.


Videoconference Instructor & Presenter

Presentations of Literature & History, Instructor-
(QuickTime Movie for Apple Corp., Martha Washington in Martha Washington's Dilemmas;
 Temple Independent, School District, Narrator International Web cast, Performing Poetry with Sound, Sense, and Soul, Instructor; BellNet- Instructor, Facilitator Performances of  Role Models from Ethnic Autobiographies and Literature)

CD (Audio & CD Rom versions)

Martha Washington's Dilemmas- Narrator 
Autobiographical Writing, Performing- Instructor


Television Interviews- KNCTKPLE
Performances of Poetry-Instructor

Industrial Video

National Sales Video- On-Camera Voice
Instructional Videos- Instructor


Radio Interviews
Austin Information Radio- News, Events, Commercials for the Blind & Visually Impaired


Voice-Over, My Heart Dies With You Movie Trilogy Teaser
Voice-Over, Film, Distance
Character, Commercial, Industrial
Character, Commercial, Industrial
Japanese Anime
Audiobooks - New Sound, WI
Voice Demos


Bell County Sesquicentennial
Church Musicals, Pageants

Sample Presentations: Regional, State, National, International