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Dr. Diane Howard's Professional Philosophy

Diane Howard, who has a Ph.D. in Performance Communication and Education, has served as a writer, author, and journalist; as a teacher, professor, and mentor; as a coach, director, and producer and more. Most basically, she is an encourager and teacher. She greatly enjoys using her God-given gifts to support and assist others for the eternal betterment and good of our world. In all of her work she has striven to present, perform, produce and picturize “…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise…” (The Bible)

As a writer, author, and journalist, she has worked to go deep and wide in addressing significant, contemporary issues. She is a scholar, researcher who has sought to communicate on real world issues in user-friendly ways. Having lived and traveled all over the world and having earned a Ph.D. in Performance Studies (that addresses performance communication broadly and deeply in terms of global cultures and history), she has an international and global perspective on issues she addresses. She has especially enjoyed conducting thoughtful exclusive interviews for her writing with frontline, cutting-edge leaders.

As a teacher, professor, and mentor, she has worked to facilitate students and clients through inductive teaching to apprehend insight and to apply it effectively. Having a master's degree in gifted education with 40+ years of experience with inductive teaching, she has developed and practiced skills to empower others to use their gifts for maximal productivity.

As a coach, director, and producer, she has gathered the best resources to produce the highest quality work to best affect the world for good. Dr. Diane Howard values effective teams and has been dedicated to facilitating them to produce the best work, as they are maximally productive with individual and collective gifts.

Currently, she is developing a cutting-edge, frontline digital channel for her church to share with the world the role-modeling work of her church in Christian education and worship services, inner city assistance for the homeless and veterans, missions and disaster relief service, support for children and families, therapy and support for the traumatized; assistance for those with disabilities and special needs and much more.

Diane Howard's Personal and Professional Mission has always been to facilitate positive purpose, potential and productivity of those whom she has taught, coached, and directed. Every student and client has been important to her. She continues to encourage and assist many of her alumni and clients.

Throughout her career as a teacher, director, and coach, Dr. Howard has been dedicated as a Christian educator to empowering students and clients academically and professionally. Further, she has been committed to making academic, scientific, and scholarly contributions to the teaching and performance studies professions. Her instructional interests have been influenced by a broad educational background and by opportunities to live all over the world. (See vitae.) She has been committed to staying up with the technological advances in the 21st century's information age. She has developed contemporary textbooks in speech performance that address communication and performance via e-technologies. She has worked intensely all her life to produce with other personnel projects that are substantive, edifying, and redemptive.

Dr. Howard has had diverse experience in teaching, educational program development, and performance work. Her adult life has been dedicated to teaching, directing, and coaching. She has always thoroughly enjoyed educating, mentoring, and supporting students and clients of all ages. Dr. Howard has been committed to providing them with practical training and learning opportunities to enhance their marketability and global influence for the Ultimate Good.

She has developed a leading undergraduate communication, performance studies program at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Her performance studies program at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor has provided training in performance techniques for theater, television, radio, and distance communication. Dr. Howard's students/alumni have served in regional television studios, radio stations, and video/film production studios. Performance Studies students have regularly performed poetry for Texas Nafas, an Austin, TX television poetry program. Her college competitive speaking and performance of literature students have not only competed and brought home tournament trophies, but they have served regularly as regional judges for various competitions.

Each of Dr. Howard's Performance Studies students has researched, written, produced, and performed a one-person production of a great historic or contemporary character that has been performed on stage and/or taken to theaters, schools, libraries, museums, and churches. These performances of autobiography have been performed for television, radio, film, or distance, and live performance. Performance Studies students have frequently been paid for their regional performances and presentations for various organizations.

Dr. Howard has been committed to role-modeling research, communication, and performance skills for her students and clients. She has been a contributor to BellNet and Connect2Texas, which are Texas educational, videoconference networks. She has regularly spoken or performed for civic, educational, and performing arts organizations.

Professor Howard has been a regional, national, and international on-site and distance professor, public speaker, and performer. At these levels she has also been a coach, consultant, and presenter. She has served on boards of directors and steering committees for regional performing arts and cultural organizations, such as the Evergreen Performers of Tacoma, WA; the CAC Chorale and Cultural Activities Center of Temple, TX; Tablerock Festivals of Salado, TX; and Texas Nafas of Austin, TX.

She has served at leadership levels on steering committees, boards of directors, and advisory boards for international organizations such as the following:

PSi (Performance Studies International, Founding Member, Presenter, Steering/Sub-Committees)

NAAAS(National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates - National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies, National Association of Native American Studies, and the International Association of Asian Studies; International Board of Advisors, Presenter, Writer)

WAOE (World Association of Online Education; Officer Online Education Curriculum Committee, Online Writer, International Book Reviewer, Online Graduate Ed. Mentor)

Dr. Howard has been a dedicated educator, coach, and civil servant. She has been committed to facilitating students and clients, onsite and online. She has been committed to facilitating artistic skills, positive productivity, and edifying projects, in onsite and online contexts. Fundamentally, she is an encourager, teacher, producer, and performer who loves using her God-given gifts for the eternal good of our world.