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Public Speaking

Dr. Diane Howard serves as public speaker, presenter, and audio talent in diverse formats.

Samples of Speeches, Audio Work, and Presentations in Diverse Formats:

Platform Public Speaking

Equal Opportunity Speaker

Keynote, Academic & Civic Speaker- Effective Non-Verbal Communication; Engaging Communication Via E-Technologies; Leadership, Relational Skills, Communication, Autobiographical Writing, Resiliency-Military Spouses...- Business & Organizations, Professional Women's Conferences, Churches, Educational Programs.


Videoconference Instructor & Presenter

Presentations of Literature & History, Instructor-
(QuickTime Movie for Apple Corp., Martha Washington in Martha Washington's Dilemmas;
 Temple Independent, School District, Narrator International Web cast, Performing Poetry with Sound, Sense, and Soul, Instructor; BellNet- Instructor, Facilitator Performances of  Role Models from Ethnic Autobiographies and Literature)

CD (Audio & CD Rom versions)

Martha Washington's Dilemmas- Narrator 
Autobiographical Writing, Performing- Instructor


Television Interviews- KNCTKPLE
Performances of Poetry-Instructor

Industrial Video

National Sales Video- On-Camera Voice
Instructional Videos- Instructor


Radio Interviews
Austin Information Radio- News, Events, Commercials for the Blind & Visually Impaired


Voice-Over, Film, Distance
Character, Commercial, Industrial
Character, Commercial, Industrial
Japanese Anime
Audiobooks- New Sound, WI
Voice Demos


Bell County Sesquicentennial
Church Musicals, Pageants

Sample Presentations: Regional, State, National, International